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Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – Management & Leadership Concentration

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Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – Management & Leadership Concentration YourPace online program is designed to prepare you to lead organizations through innovation and change in a variety of professional environments. Develop your abilities to motivate people and manage a team, including in-demand skills such as leadership, conflict resolution, change management, communication, and human resource management.

icon $1,400 per session Flat-Rate Tuition
icon As few as 12 months* Duration
icon 120 Credit Hours
icon $1,400 per session Flat-Rate Tuition
icon As few as 12 months* Duration
icon 120 Credit Hours

As a business administration student, you will be exposed to all major business functions as you learn to adapt to rapid changes in a technologically dynamic global marketplace. 100% online coursework includes competencies related to financial management, managerial accounting, business analytics, and management information systems. You will also learn about the legal and ethical environment of business, as well as strategic professional communication. Experiential learning activities provide opportunities to solve real-world problems facing a hypothetical organization.

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What Is Competency-Based Education?

Designed to leverage your previous knowledge, college coursework, and work experience, competency-based education enables you to earn your degree at your pace as you demonstrate mastery of relevant academic content.

How our YourPace online programs save you time and money:

  • Prove your knowledge, move ahead—the faster you advance, the more you save
  • Flat tuition rate per 8-week session, no matter how many courses you complete
  • With no weekly deadlines, you control the speed of completion

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In this YourPace online program, you will learn to:

  • Plan, lead, analyze, and problem-solve in a variety of business environments and sectors
  • Apply effective leadership skills and change-management strategies to enhance business performance
  • Understand and follow ethical business practices while assessing risks and opportunities of various business decisions
  • Apply analytical and critical-thinking skills in the functional areas of marketing, operations, and management

Career opportunities include:

  • Department Manager
  • Production Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Business Owner
  • Public Administrator
  • Shift Manager

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“Some of the courses I have experience or education already on the material. Because of that, I am able to go through them pretty quickly.”

– Pam Easler, UMPI YourPace Online Student


Our B.A. in Business Administration – Management & Leadership online program offers highly affordable tuition with a flat rate regardless of how many courses you complete each session, with no textbook costs or extra fees.

$1,400 per session Flat-Rate Tuition


You have 6 entry points throughout the year to begin your B.A. in Business Administration – Management & Leadership online program. View our full calendar to find the start date that works best for you and apply before the application deadline.

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We’ve made the admission process simple and streamlined so it’s easier for you to get started. Students who wish to earn their B.A. in Business Administration – Management & Leadership YourPace online degree from UMPI should have the equivalent of a high school diploma, possess some prior college credit or work experience.

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  • Submit your free application online
  • Provide high school transcript, high school equivalency test (HiSet), or GED
  • Provide official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended

Submit documents electronically to:

Mailing Address:

Application Processing Center
PO Box 412
Bangor, ME 04402-0412

Fax: 207-581-5456

Applicants may also authorize UMPI to request transcripts on their behalf, at no additional cost, by completing the Transcript Request Form and submitting it via email to


To earn your B.A. in Business Administration – Management & Leadership you need to complete 120 credit hours of coursework. Each course is built around a series of competencies. Once you have mastered the series, you complete the course. The program includes general education, business core, management concentration courses, and electives. Using our personalized learning model, we look at your past college credit, prior learning, and work experience to create your custom degree plan.

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Students must complete a minimum of 40 credits hours of general education courses.

BUS 101: Introduction to Business

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

This course is intended to help first year business management students clarify their business education and career goals. Basic concepts of management, marketing, operations, finance, and human resource management will be surveyed. Classroom lectures will be supplemented by field trips to local businesses and lectures by guest speakers.

BUS 150: Introduction to Financial Accounting

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Topics include transaction analysis, recording accounting information, and preparation of financial statements. Additional topics include accounting for sales, cost of sales, inventory, and other assets. The emphasis is on communicating financial information to external users. Students use accounting software to establish and maintain an accounting system for a simulated business. Prerequisite: MAT 17 or equivalent.

BUS 200: Intermediate Business Computing

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

In-depth exploration of the advanced features of the Microsoft Office suite. Integration of spreadsheet and database information into reports and presentations and querying functions. Prerequisite: Students lacking significant prior experience with business computing are advised to take BUS 125 prior to enrolling in this class.

BUS 220: Managerial Accounting

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Accounting for internal decision-making, planning, and control purposes. The manufacturing environment is emphasized. Topics include cost behavior and analysis, relevant costs, job order and process cost systems, budgeting, and standard costs. Prerequisite: BUS 150.

BUS 244: Management Information Systems

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

This course will provide an introduction to computer and telecommunications information systems. Topics covered will include information system concepts, hardware and software systems components, basics of systems operation, and the ethical use of information systems in culturally diverse organizations and societies. This course is designed to accommodate non-business majors who wish to gain a greater understanding of information systems. Prerequisite: BUS 125 or BUS 200.

BUS 325: Financial Management

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

This course emphasizes the role of the financial manager in forecasting and planning, coordination and control, dealing with financial markets, and, primarily, major investment and financing decisions. Coverage includes financial statement analysis, the time value of money, valuation of securities, the cost of capital, capital budgeting, capital structure, financial forecasting, and managing and financing current assets. Prerequisite: BUS 220 and BUS 150.

BUS 353: Legal & Ethical Environment of Business

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

An overview of business and society, corporate social responsibility and ethics; focused study of legal topics including the Constitution, contracts, torts and government regulation. Developing analytical skills and professional communication skills are emphasized.

BUS 440: Business Analytics

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

This course focuses on the development and delivery of predictive data analysis for strategic decision-making in organizations. Students will apply the principles and tools to real-world problems, enabling them to integrate their knowledge of business intelligence in their careers—essential to their performance and competitive advantage. Prerequisite: BUS 244.

BUS 469: Strategic Professional Communication

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Using business knowledge and analytical skills, students develop professional level oral and written communication skills. Experiential learning exercises provide opportunities to develop strategic solutions to situations confronting a hypothetical organization.

ECO 207: Macro & Micro Economics

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Fundamental principles of capitalist macroeconomics including growth and recession, inflation, unemployment, the role of government regulation, economic development, and trade. Micro topics include supply and demand, market structure, and market failure.

MAT 140: Mathematics for Business

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Mathematical analysis for economics, accounting, finance, and management. Graphing, exponential and logarithmic functions, mathematics of finance, derivatives and optimization. Equivalent: MAT 131. Prerequisite: MAT 117 or equivalent score on placement test.

PCJ 215: Business Communications

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Students will master the necessary communication skills to thrive in any business or professional area. They’ll become proficient in everything from phone etiquette, email and memos to proposals and presentations. They’ll get out of the classroom partnering with an organization to apply what they’ve learned. Prerequisite: ENG 100 with a grade of C- or higher or ENG 101.

BUS 240: Change Management

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

This course will analyze the forces that drive organizations to change, examine impediments to change, and survey a range of approaches for making organizational change more effective. This course provides practical skills for managing and leading change in your personal life and within any organization.

BUS 260: Leadership

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

This course focuses on understanding the nature of leadership in professional environments. Students will examine the characteristics, roles, and functions of an effective leader allowing them to lead and manage change successfully. Major theories of leadership are discussed and students will learn to think critically about best practices and applications.

BUS 321: Human Resource Management

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

How organizations manage people as a key resource. Topics covered are job analysis, planning, recruiting and selection, discrimination laws, training, compensation, and collective bargaining. Prerequisite: junior standing.

BUS 330: Marketing Management

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Marketing considers how organizations identify their distinctive competence to serve customer needs in a competitive environment. Topics include marketing ethics, consumer behavior, new product development, market forecasting, sales management, industrial buyer behavior, and international marketing.

BUS 335: Organizational Behavior

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Organizational behavior is a field of study that seeks to understand, explain, and improve human behavior in organizations at the individual, interpersonal, team and organizational levels. Students will gain an awareness and knowledge of contemporary issues and approaches to organizational communication and change facing organizations.

BUS 415: Operations Management

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Operations management focuses on the use of Six Sigma methodology in both the manufacturing and service industries. Topics will include introducing students to the DMAIC steps for process improvement while having the ability to apply those steps through a service-learning project with a real organization.

BUS 489: Business Policy & Strategy

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Integrates the functions of marketing, finance/accounting, operations, human resources, and information systems into a coherent whole using the concept of “strategy”.

Students must take 18 – 21 credit hours of general elective courses.

*Time to completion varies by student and is based on several factors including prior college coursework, relevant work experience, amount of time dedicated to studying, and the number of courses completed each session.

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